Spinning a web of downtempo beats, ethereal orchestration, and a powerfully pure vocal style, Shaprece - flanked by producer IG88 and orchestral arranger Phillip Peterson - has become a recognized name in the recent scene of forward-thinking R&B. She has garnered early support and mentions from KEXP, SPIN, The New York Times, Revolt TV, City Arts Magazine, and many more. Her upcoming debut full length album COALS is set to solidify her as one of the most engaging artists of her genre.

Shaprece's introduction to the world was the 2014 releases of the 'Tell Me // Her Song' split single, and her critically acclaimed 'Molting' EP, which spotlighted her wide range of influences, from Björk to James Blake to Frank Ocean, and laid the foundation for what's to come. 'COALS' is a natural progression but a major step forward in style and substance. The album, which she debuted in full at a live listening with the Seattle Symphony, will feature 11 tracks mixed by Kyle Ross (Kanye West, Zayn Malik, John Legend) including the stand outs "Unwind" and "Send Down Your Love."

Building upon appearances at Capitol Hill Block Party, CMJ, Sasquatch Music Festival, Decibel Festival, Benaroya Hall, and dates with the likes of Bilal, Thievery Corporation, Deltron 3030, The Antlers, SZA, and Daley, Shaprece is more than ready to present a focused and self reflective body of work.

No stranger to pushing the boundaries of conventional sound, Shaprece has left room beyond COALS for expansion and growth, as she further develops her unique style. With production on her follow up to COALS already under way, she continues to evolve into the polished and innovative musician that she has already proven to be.





"Her songs are textural masterpieces, her gorgeous voice shining over swirling electric cello and a complex digital mosaic. Her sound is simultaneously new and and familiar, but it’s hard to put your finger on what is so familiar about it. If you could imagine a combination of Björk and FKA Twigs with a hint of Beyoncé, you’d land somewhere in her proximity, but that’s an oversimplification of the unique voice she brings to Seattle music." - KEXP, Sep 2016


"Though she's still at the beginning of her career, currently working on her debut album, Shaprece is an essential presence in Seattle, her name constantly on the tips of tongues. Maybe that's because her music, with its chilly instrumentals and emotional rawness, seems like a dead-on representation of life in the city: technologically driven but aching for human connection and drawing from multiple traditions. See her now, because next time she will be on a bigger stage." - The Stranger, Aug 2016


Local artist Shaprece stunned the crowd inside the El Chupacabra stage early evening with an audio and visual feast that overwhelmed the senses of sight and sound. She is beautiful, she is talented and her performance was truly a work of art. - 107.7 The End Live Music Blog, May 2015


“Where many of Shaprece’s peers tend to find their preferred style and rinse-repeat until they over-saturate their sound, each track by Shaprece reveals new pieces of her artistic spectrum.” - Cameron Deuel, NadaMucho, May 2015


“Shaprece’s confident sound still retains a familiarity that makes it especially enjoyable in a sea of new experimental and genre-defying music sometimes warped beyond recognition.” - Anna McClain, KEXP, Nov 2014


“If you’re looking for a beating, soulful heart amidst the incalculable coolness of modern electronic dance music, look no further.” - The Sunbreak, Sept 2014


“It’s easily some of the smartest music coming out of the city right now; we’re excited to see what this duo does next.” - Seattle Weekly, Aug 2014


“Nobody sounds like Shaprece in Seattle right now.” - Kelton Sears, Seattle Weekly, Mar 2014


“Her style feels both plotted yet experimental, effortlessly moving between each song in such an enchanting fashion, you might feel as if you’re lost in space.” - The Dishmaster, Mar 2014


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