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by S H A P R E C E




“Nobody sounds like Shaprece in Seattle right now.” - Kelton Sears, Seattle Weekly, Mar 2014

“Where many of Shaprece’s peers tend to find their preferred style and rinse-repeat until they over-saturate their sound, each track by Shaprece reveals new pieces of her artistic spectrum.” - Cameron Deuel, NadaMucho, May 2015

“Shaprece’s confident sound still retains a familiarity that makes it especially enjoyable in a sea of new experimental and genre-defying music sometimes warped beyond recognition.” - Anna McClain, KEXP, Nov 2014

“Her style feels both plotted yet experimental, effortlessly moving between each song in such an enchanting fashion, you might feel as if you’re lost in space.” - The Dishmaster, Mar 2014

“If you’re looking for a beating, soulful heart amidst the incalculable coolness of modern electronic dance music, look no further.” - The Sunbreak, Sept 2014

“It’s easily some of the smartest music coming out of the city right now; we’re excited to see what this duo does next.” - Seattle Weekly, Aug 2014

Local artist Shaprece stunned the crowd inside the El Chupacabra stage early evening with an audio and visual feast that overwhelmed the senses of sight and sound. She is beautiful, she is talented and her performance was truly a work of art. - 107.7 The End Live Music Blog, May 2015





Drawing from an eclectic palette of musical influences, Shaprece’s latest artistic direction ranges from electronic beats to orchestral arrangement, soulful vocals to ambient soundscapes. Blending digitally altered tones with sultry and smoky vocals, she has aspired to create a category to call her own. Throughout the creative process, she’s gathered inspiration from the likes of Bjork, Little Dragon, and Aaliyah, among others, forming a pleasant fusion of dreamy melodies and atmospheric sounds on her new album.

Shaprece, along with electro-ambient producer IG88, has been working on her debut full length album for the better part of 2013 and beginning of 2014 in her hometown of Seattle, WA. Also involved with the composition and arrangement of the project have been Phillip Peterson (A$AP Rocky/Florence + The Machine, P!NK, ), and Daniel Butman, both brought in for strings and other orchestral elements. The album has been recorded back and forth between IG88’s home studio and the legendary Robert Lang Studios.

This album however won’t be her first release. In 2011 she released an EP which was composed of more classic elements of Soul, Funk and Electronic. The release received a generous amount of press and she toured behind it for a time. After touring wound down she took a hiatus to re-direct her sound, and now she is more than ready to present a focused and self reflective body of work.